Boomerang Family

A film by SONG Hae-sung

Saturday, July 12th - 3:50pm

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Tuesday, July 15th - 1:00pm

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In-mo gave up on life at 40, Han-mo is a pitiful 44-year-old freeloader, Mi-yun at 35, has one failed marriage after another, and Min-kyung is a 15-year-old spoiled brat.

Their mother is a parenting failure.

A peaceful household is disturbed by the return of a woman’s three grown children one after the other. Han-mo, the eldest, is an unemployed freeloader; In-mo, the second, is a failed film director; Mi-yun, the last, is a double divorcee. Having come back home after leaving the nest years before, they try their best to accommodate each other but constantly bicker and fight nonetheless. Thrown into the mix is Mi-yun’s teenage daughter from one of her failed marriages, Mi-kyung. How will they ever manage to co-exist under one roof and hold on to a shred of dignity?

SONG Hae-sung
PARK Hae-il, YOON Je-moon, KONG Hyo-jin, YOUN Yuh-jung, JIN Ji-hee
Release Date
112 minutes
Print Source
CJ Entertainment
Exhibition Format