New on DVD/BluRay this Week

Out on Blu Ray and DVD this week, Well Go USA brings us the fantasy adventure WHITE VENGEANCE, starring Leon Lai, Zhang Hanyu, Feng Shaofeng and festival favorite Anthony Wong.

In a time of tyranny and oppression, deception is everywhere. Insurgency swells among the people as two brothers battle for supremacy -and the love of a woman- during the fall of the Qin Dynasty. Liu Bang (Leon Lai, BODYGUARDS AND ASSASSINS) and Xiang Fu (Feng Shaofeng, XI YOU JI), once united but now locked in combat to rule the insurgent lands in a recreation of history’s famed bloody battle for rule and dominion, known as the Feast at Hong Gate. Witness the beginning of the Red Cliff rebellion with this historic clash, directed by Daniel Lee (3 KINGDOMS, BLACK MASK).

Also, out last week from one of my favorite directors, Dante Lam, is VIRAL FACTOR. Well Go USA has out done themselves on this one. This transfer to Blu Ray is one of the most spectacular you will see anywhere. This film looks better than most films coming out of Hollywood. The detail and perfect transfer is a must see for anyone. A beautiful disc.

A mission to escort a witness from Jordan to Norway leaves International Security Affairs agent Jon (Jay Chou) severely scarred: a bullet is lodged in his brain, his ex-fiancee and fellow agent is dead, and their traitorous colleague has stolen the secrets of a mutant virus.  While contemplating his future, Jon discovers that his father and brother, long missing from his life, are still alive.  As he searches for them, he discovers his brother is a mercenary for hire and currently working for his former colleague, who has plans to unleash the virus on the world.

VIRAL FACTOR also stars festival mainstay Nicholas Tse.

Also, when I was picking VIRAL FACTOR up from Fry’s last week, because Best Buy isn’t carrying it, I notice a number of recent Well Go USA release on sale for $9.99 – these are recent films at a fantastic price – Go get yours.

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